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20sasdddddTexas Dynasty Basketball

Dynasty for the past 12 years has been the standard and the blueprint for so many other programs. Dynasty is one of the, not just city or state but national recognized program. Reason behind this is the super high energy, passion for kids, and knowledge of the game passed down from their founder and head coach, Coach Zack to the entire program from players to staff. Dynasty Staff's energy and passion for kids and the game is unmatched. Our Staff is all former pro basketball players which gives us an edge on building highest IQ and skill for your child! The passion the coaches have for kids makes it a even more fun atmosphere!! and this Winter we continue our pursuit of GREATNESS!!! Come join the BLACK AND WHITE!

Season Details:

All kids that register via the link will make the team! Only kids that register are allowed to attend the team evaluation for team placement. Again All Kids That Sign Up will Make A Team.  

 June 10th  is start up week and evaluation week 

  • Season Length June 10th-August 1st

  • Cost Breakdown (payment plans are okay once approved by Coach Zack)

    •  K-2nd Grade $220 games included

    • 3rd-8th Grade $2200 Games included

    • $220 Pracrtice onlye

    • Tournaments  only and pay as you go.

    • Only pay for games you attend

  • 3 teams per grade level max 

  • Limited spots for certain divisions of program (tournament teams only 3 teams per grade)

  • Tournament teams, Travel Teams, and League Teams 

  • Flex Practices (if can't make child practice then you can attend a grade up or grade down  from your respective grade)


    • With so many spring sports Dynasty will give each team 3 practice choices for kids to attend so we can make it work with any other sports conflicts!! and same with games, we can place kids on multiple rosters so they can def get in their fair share of games for season! AT DYNASTY WE WILL MAKE IT WORK! So sign up and let Coach Zack and Staff worry about the conflicts!

  • Games and Tournaments on weekends 


  • Get a brand new player to join then $100 off your sign up, for each kid knock $100 off sign up fee


Practice Schedule: TENTATIVE and will Change once we get confirmation on more gym time. 

The practice schedule is tentative and can and will be changed to best suite each team. Plus flex practices should make this least of concerns. 

@ Sportsplex 5702 Alpha Rd Dallas, Tx

If child cannot make his team practice, then he can attend a practice a gra


4-5pm 1st-2nd grade



5-6:30pm 2-4thgrade

6:30-8 5th-6th grade

8-9:30pm 7th-HS



5-6:30pm 2-4thgrade

6:30-8 5th-6th grade

8-9:30pm 7th-HS

MORE TIMES TO BE ADDED AND CHANGED AS WE GET MORE GYM SPACE. Sign up and we will make it work!!!!

IG @txdynasty_swish
Twitter X @txdynasty_swish



Zack Rodriguez


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